Why School Sucks? (article review)

The last meeting on English program, we read an article by Isabella Bruyere. The title is: "Why School Sucks?".

The first impression when I read the article, "I like this article. Have so many similarities with what I think".

Yes, on certain points I have the same opinion from what she says. Because sometimes I think school is not the most important thing in my life.

After I read her article, I think Bella is smart and has a high level of initiative.

Kakak ask me too, what do I want to be in the future?
So, I want to be a musician, from the 3rd grade of elementary school, I already like music and learn to play instruments till now. My plan for my future, I will learn and learn about music, and perform in a lot of places. And I have a plan to go to London and join a music school. Because I have a cousin there.


  1. I think yo can add your opinion in your third paragraph...

  2. That is absolutely cool Fathan... you just made the great short article...


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