gubernatorial candidate debate

I know that I'm not a people who lived in Jakarta. but I like the process of the governor election. I like to watch the debate and listen to many opinions. first time there's a misunderstanding between people and the candidate number two because there was a campaign speech as religiously offensive. but now, I think that problem is done. the first candidate is Agus Yudhoyono he is a soldier and a son of 8th president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. the second candidate would be Ahok, he is he was deputy governor before Jokowi promoted to president. And the third candidate is Anies Baswedan, he is a former minister of education.

according to this article candidates who led in value are Ahok and Djarot. because from what I see also Ahok by other institutions Ahok is more eminent. I liked from Ahok that he has a reason at all her work. and his opinion makes more sense. This debate also made me know how to create a campaign to become a better leader


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