In this mid-semester review, we watch video about java and answer the questions from smp.semipalar.sch.id 

After we watch the video, I think Java is more than my expectation. Because in the first scene at the video, I think this is not only Java. Then I look a famous place in Java and I start to knowed it, this is Java. There’s a lot beautiful place and things at Java. So you must take care of Java.

The main purpose of this video is make people know the opulence of Java. This creator maybe want to show another people and make people interested to our island (Java).

I was happy during im screening, and Im very instested and hopeful that I want to go to the place inside this video. And I a little bit sad because why people not provide this place and I don’t like when people use nature for himself, because we can keep and take care of the nature than exploit it.

My favorite scene is, when the bird fly surround an island. I like this scene because I think this scene makes lot of idea and make people interested. And the second favorite scene is, scene that show a waterfall in Bandung. I forgot where’s the place but I loved this scene because its beautiful. And my last favorite scene is the scene that show Waisak event in Borobudur temple. Because I was there and see how beautiful is it, and I want to go there again.

If at this time I will go everywhere in Java, I want to go to place that near the beach or sea, and place that we can chill. I want to feel the air and feel the environtment,  i want feel this situation because i loved sea view. 

you can see the trailer of the video down here.


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